Young Leaders from Zimbabwe

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My name is Stewart Tembo. I am from Zimbabwe and I work with Zimbabwe Diabetes Association.

In 2006 I was selected IDF Youth Ambassador in which I supported in the IDF-coordinated "Unite for Diabetes" campaign. This campaign resulted in the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution. In 2011 I was chosen to be Young Leader of Zimbabwe and to participate in YLD meeting in Dubai. At this meeting I was voted to represent the African region of the YLD Regional Council.

As a Young Leader from Zimbabwe, I am working on a school project which I started previous year in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association. The project has the following aims:
• Raise awareness about diabetes in schools and communities;
• Provide exercise opportunities in schools and bring exercise back into the school curriculum;
• Educate teachers about diabetes and how to support children with diabetes in schools with for example the short term complications of diabetes;
• Provide parents with age-appropriate information and practical suggestions.