Young Leaders from Zimbabwe

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My name is Stewart Tembo. I am from Zimbabwe and I work with Zimbabwe Diabetes Association.

In 2006 I was selected IDF Youth Ambassador in which I supported in the IDF-coordinated "Unite for Diabetes" campaign. This campaign resulted in the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution. In 2011 I was chosen to be Young Leader of Zimbabwe and to participate in YLD meeting in Dubai. At this meeting I was voted to represent the African region of the YLD Regional Council.

As a Young Leader from Zimbabwe, I am working on a school project which I started previous year in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association. The project has the following aims:
• Raise awareness about diabetes in schools and communities;
• Provide exercise opportunities in schools and bring exercise back into the school curriculum;
• Educate teachers about diabetes and how to support children with diabetes in schools with for example the short term complications of diabetes;
• Provide parents with age-appropriate information and practical suggestions.

My name is Yemurai Sammantha Machirori and I am 23 years old. I live in Harare, Zimbabwe. I was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2004, just a month before my 12th birthday.
The first two years after my diagnosis were “fun”, I always received special treatment from my teachers and friends at school, with the exception of my athletics coach who had doubts about me competing in my final athletics season... but that was probably because we`d known each other for 6 years and everyone thought they had a mandate of taking care of me, because they felt sorry for me.

I quickly accepted my diabetes because my mother also lives with type one diabetes and I had grown up seeing her taking her shots. However, my years in high school made me want to be more connected with diabetes and the diabetes community. It was throughout these years that my passion of wanting to help other people like me (especially children) grew. No one had told me that growing up would suddenly become complex because of diabetes and I strongly felt that no child deserved to go through what I had gone through. It took breaking two vials of insulin in my school`s washroom because one particular girl was “too scared of injections” to make me realise that I had to take a stand for diabetes.