Livingston Fraser


I am 21 years old Livingston Horald Martin Fraser from Grenada, West Indies. I live in the small village of La Mode St.George’s close to the south of the island. I was born on November 9th 1991. I am a type 1 diabetic. I am a teacher at one of the best high schools in Grenada (The Anglican High School), I teach Chemistry and integrated science. Also I am a musician I play mainly the piano and bass guitar; I am the leader of a Gospel Band. I attained an Associate Degree in Natural Science at the T.A. Marryshow Community College. One of my main goals in Life is become a Doctor in Medicine.

In Grade 5 I was experiencing frequent urination, thirst and extreme hunger, I use to ask the teacher to leave the class regularly to go to the washroom or to go to the tap, eventually she got fed up and she tested my glucose level, note she was a type 2 diabetic, my glucose level was 400+ mg/dl, she immediately she called my parents so I could be sent to the pediatrician. Well I was diagnosed by the pediatrician that same day. I was ten years at that time and I lived with type 1 diabetes from then on.

I had many challenges, most of my family members were diabetic including my both parents and 6 out of 8 of my siblings. Maintaining a balanced diet, testing my glucose levels regularly and having enough syringes are my main challenges in Managing and living with diabetes, most of these challenges are based on my economic factors. After being a part of the YLP progamme I was able to improve abit with all odds against me, through all these challenges I was able to earn my college degree and I was able to enter the work force as normal. I lived in fear of having any complications of diabetes; therefore I lacked confidence in myself. But through it all I was able to accomplish as many things in life.
As a young leader in Grenada I will like really love to make a difference, by being open, confident about my diabetes and managing it effectively. Also I would like to help other young people to gain the confidence to manage and to be open about it also. Create of more awareness about diabetes in Grenada and working along with Grenada Diabetes Association to help young people living with diabetes.

As part of spreading awareness of diabetes and helping young people, I started some awareness programme on television where cherry Williams and I was interviewed, <a href="">we informed the nation about the youth Group in Grenada and about diabetes</a>. Also with my member associate we conducted a <a href=" at my work place</a>. When reflecting on the time spent in Dubai, I can recall having a great time in a dancercise session with the YLP, I collaborated with my member associate in getting a dancercise session organized after a world diabetes month walk. My long term project I will love to see accomplish is to get “life for a child” implemented in Grenada. For this the youth Arm will be planning a youth camp for this summer session and also educational sessions.

Teacher, Musician
Music, Educating people about diabetes