Dua'a Saleh


Hello everybody.
I am Dua’a Saleh, 24 years old From Jordan.
I studied Nutrition and Food technology from the University of Jordan. I adore my specialization and always trying to develop myself in this regard.
I was diagnosed with Diabetes just 2 years ago( on 9.3.2010) a short time after my college graduation. And for sure it was a big shock because when you are at this age (22) you’ve already built your own life style and your own rules.
Frankly speaking, at the first year I couldn’t cope with it, I was in denying mode and at the beginning I refused to take my medication as well. I thought that as this diabetes came suddenly it will fade suddenly. But unfortunately this is not what happened. What I remember is that I cried that year more than I ever did in my whole life.
As being diagnosed at this age was confusing to doctors whether it is type 1 or type 2,so I started my medication depending on pills only, but after few months I needed Insulin.
At that time insulin meant to me multi needles per day, and needles meant to me pain besides I was hating needles a lot. When the doctor told me that I need insulin I was scared to death!
First year of diagnosis, was extremely hard and filled with denying, sad, shocking and angry feelings. I felt that my life, my dreams and my goals were all ended.
But after that difficult year, God gave me the strength to stand up again, and finally I got back my life, no but much more beautiful and interesting life.
I re balanced my life again, and my diabetes now is under control, my A1C is always around is 6.
After that, I had the chance to be a volunteer in the Jordanian society for the care of diabetes (http://www.jscd.jo/).
It is an amazing association which conducts many diabetes activities such as camps for diabetes children, educational activities, and many other.
The first diabetic children camp which I attended it on June 2011 was one of the most wonderful time I had in in my life, I participated in this camp as nutritionist and educator for the kids.
These kids were very strong and optimistic and I learned from them a lot!
Generally, Jordan and the Middle East is facing many challenges regarding diabetes, such as access to medical supplies, lack of education and awareness, social pressure, discrimination and no social acceptance. So what I really hope is to be capable to make a positive change in my community and help every person who went through my experience with diabetes and help them to overcome this dilemma the way I did.
My experience in Dubai “the young leaders in diabetes program” was really helpful and great and I had the honor to represent Jordan in this program.
I met such a great and successful persons who were inspiring, and this event was the Spark who guided me to achieve my message in this life.
And now as being a representative for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region in the young leader’s council which belongs to the international diabetes federation, I hope to start achieving my dreams in helping my community and my region to overcome diabetes!
I am really thankful to having diabetes in my life, it gave me strength, passion and message to achieve and I can’t imagine my life without diabetes.
Finally I say that I may have diabetes, but diabetes doesn’t have me.

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