Ana Levidze


I am from Georgia, Tbilisi. Like in many developed and developing countries every year in my country it is also growing the number of people with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a big challenge in Georgia. Although the government gives us insulin, test stripes, glucose monitors, we still have a big problem. The financial resources for giving good insulin to people after age 18 is limited or sometimes even not funded. We have a highly qualified doctors and medicine Centres who work on that global problem. We have a different state programs and projects that help people with Diabetes for their analysis and diagnostics.

It is already 20th year since I was diagnosed with the diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was only 2. Luckily I had great doctors around me who gave me a right rules so that I was able to grow up cheerful. I have a family with me who treated me how to live with a new and a different face of life.
First I had a contact with the children with diabetes was when I was 9. I was writing in a Georgian magazine called “Your friend” and in that collective some children were working with diabetes.
Then I finished school and graduated from my University. I have finished the School of Law. Then I become a licensed solicitor and at the moment I am working as a licensed solicitor in a civil and administrative law in a Law firm.

I am helping people protecting their rights. Currently I work with the Center for Diabetes, Endocrine and Cardio Pulmonary Diseases. This center has a great experience in working on Diabetes and effects in our daily life. We work on different projects.

I am trying to use all my knowledge and experience to serve for people. Leadership means that you have to listen to people from time to time and feel the same feelings that they feel. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people”, if you can’t/won’t get along with people, you won’t be able to take all of your ability and resources to get a strength helping solving them problems.

I think that with the help of this amazing young generation – young leaders we can make a big changes and progress in society. I am proud of being part of this group of YLD.

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