Timothée Froment


My name is Timothée Froment, I was born in 1991 in Brussels and my passion is sailing.
Seven years ago, whilst I was living in Gabon with my family, I began to regularly experience Hypoglycemia after exercising. My mother was worried about the frequency at which this was happening so she decided to take me to the hospital for further analysis. The result was strange because the common symptoms of diabetes weren’t present, however,the doctor advised us to go for further analysis when we returned to my home country of Belgium.

A few months later, once we were back in Belgium, I underwent a number of tests and the results were obvious, I had diabetes! At first it was a big shock and very hard to accept. During the next six months I was in total rebellion against my diabetes, but one day I met a person who has become one of the most important in my life. This man made me discover sailing in a Non-Profit Association called “ForceDouce ASBL” in Belgium and up to now, I am still sailing and I am still thankful to this person, who now has become one of my friends. Since September 2012 I am working as a full time job in this association.
All along my diabetes path I have had some ups and downs, some good days and bad days, some good months and bad months. However, what I really wanted to emphasise, is that if I look back to my past, I have realised that MY diabetes made me accomplish more things than I would probably had ever done if I were not diabetic. As I said, I started to sail, progressing and sharing experiences with other friends (who have diabetes too), year by year accumulating more and more knowledge, skills and in 2011 we crossed the Atlantic to promote diabetes for the first time. After this wonderful and successful experience, Philippe Pirard the ForceDouce’s Manager announced to the press the second project will be to cross the Atlantic again with Young people with diabetes but this time we will do it by taking part into a race.

It ended up, on the 5th of August 2012. That day, we crossed the arrival line in St Malo (France – Brittany) arriving from Quebec (Canada) after 14 days, 5 hours and few minutes at sea. This was such an exhausting journey but what an amazing it was!
I think that you can imagine that my aims as a Young Leader are to promote sports and especially sailing for young with diabetes because I’m personally convince that sailing is a beautiful sport which can bring back smile on faces. Moreover the Young Leaders Program is a wonderful opportunity to share experiences with others and to promote our actions to a larger spectrum of people.
As a conclusion I would say that I really am thankful for the only friend who I know will never let me down, his name is MY diabetes.

Bachelor as Specialised Educator in Sports and Social Activities, 3rd Year
Sailing, sports in general, travelling & music