Maryam Al-Ostad


My name is Maryam Al-Ostad, I’m 26 and I’m from Kuwait. I’ve studied accounting at Gulf University for Science and technology. After graduating I realized that what I studied wasn’t my passion. Thus I took project management courses. Now I work as a researcher at the National Centre for Education Development and I’m managing an amazing project. I’m a very ambitious person and always seek for perfection. I try to enjoy every moment of my life and live freely.

I've had diabetes since I was 14 years old. My family was shocked when I got diagnosed, because I was the first member in my family to have diabetes. I wasn’t shocked, because I was young and didn’t know much about the condition. The way my doctor explained it to me made me feel special and strong. I knew that I could handle it. There are moments when I wish that I could have a break from it, even for one day. However, this feeling is just a phase that comes up every now and then.

In my country people with diabetes suffer from social stigma. Lots of people with diabetes don’t like others to know about their condition because of that stigma. People think that we can’t have a normal life and that’s not true. I’m trying to correct their misconceptions through Blue Circle Campaign, but it’s not easy.

The support and guidance of the International Diabetes Federation and Kuwait Diabetes Society gave me the chance to do something I always wanted to do: to establish a campaign to support people with diabetes. The two main goals of Blue Circle Campaign is to impact the lives of young people with diabetes by offering support and improving their physical, social, and mental well-being as well as change the misconception of diabetes in society. In other words, we are hoping to give them a new positive perspective towards diabetes and most importantly empower them to make a difference. That’s why our slogan for this year’s campaign is “We are with you”.

Researcher & Project manager
Painting, Swimming, Table tennis, Fashion, Archeology, Video games.