Lucía Cuffia


Hi! I am Lucía Cuffia, 27 years old and from Argentina. I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 10 years old. Passionate about communication, I studied Social Communication. Actually I'm the Press Officer of Rosario World of Trade and I also work as a free-lance journalist. I enjoy climbing mountains, running and traveling.

I would say that one of the greatest challenges in Argentina is the lack of education. Or maybe the lack of responsible information shared. Many people don`t know what diabetes is, nor the symptoms, and even if they do they have no idea how can they help someone who has diabetes. We know that each treatment is different, but it’s important to share and spread a serious and sensible message about diabetes.

I was always motivated to communicate all the aspects of diabetes from the personal experiences of those, as myself, who live with the disease. I am passionate about communication, and diabetes is something that is a part of me – to join these two things and to look for channels, forms and ways to share experiences is key for me. Therefore, I will work with my National Association coordinating meetings that motivate actions inside and outside the community; facilitating communication channels; arranging press notices and interviews in the local, regional and national media; and thinking about interesting campaigns related with diabetes from a sensitive point of view, close to the general public.