Claudia Labate


My name is Claudia Labate and I am from São Paulo (Brazil). In 2009, during my bachelor degree in Marketing, I met ADJ Diabetes Brasil while I was walking on the street for another purpose. Since then I have been in touch with different areas and projects of the association.

My first experience with diabetes occurred while I was still in the hospital and nurses taught me how to check the glycemia, inject insulin and things I´d need to implement into my routine. I was 10 at the time and in the moment I saw I could do those things it gave me a lot of confidence because I felt I could use those tools to control diabetes.
Nowadays I see that keeping the balance can be a big challenge. There are many things to deal with such as work, studies, monitoring, exercise, diet, friends, family and this can be quite stressful to maintain all this train locomotives without derailing.
It helps to count on a multidisciplinary medical team (such as endocrinologist, therapist, physical educator, nutritionist), friends and family support.

My dream while working with diabetes is that no one should have a bad treatment because of medication loss, miss education and/or miss information.
Within ADJ Diabetes Brasil my goal is to motivate new young leaders, work with the education team to think about approaches for peer education. And the same goes for SACA region, an aim to attract new leaders, find regional gaps and work to fill them.

In 2012, my YLD project was to build a young work force to plan actions for WDD. The Blue Power created activities that people could experience, using online platforms to spread the world and exploring inedited partnerships to raise diabetes awareness. The results of this project can be seen here.

In 2013, I wrote a project with a team of outstanding professionals called “Children perception on living with diabetes (CPLD)”. It will study the hypothesis that (1) diabetes influences the psychosocial universe of the child and this manifest itself in their perception and (2) this influence is minimal or nonexistent, or even does not manifest.

Neuroscience, Music, Arts, Marketing, Communication, Travelling, Observing, Learning.