Fidaa Sultan Yassin


Fida’a Yassin, 20 years old, one of the Young Leaders from Jordan, was an active 14 year old girl who performed well in school and who was very active girl, before the doctor told her she had diabetes type 1. After this diagnosis she was a bit lost, because she didn’t know much about diabetes and how it would affect her life. Meeting other kids with diabetes at the first diabetes camp in her country in 2009, was therefore a welcomed experience. Fida’a about her experience at the camp: “When I met a lot of kids with diabetes at the camp, my views of diabetes totally changed. After the camp I started a better life style with enough exercise and by taking care of my diet and my medication. Now my HbA1c is at a healthy level.” To share her experiences with other young diabetics, Fida’a now organizes diabetes camps and volunteers in diabetes events as a Young Leader. As a student studying Business Administration at the Petra University, Fida’a is also active in the Diabetes Student Network as well as managing Social Media for the YLD programme.

Business student in University of Petra
Music, reading, camping for diabetes, sports, internet,travelling, communication, healthy eating etc...