Live your life in style

Diabetes is a serious global health issue that continues to gain momentum, currently af-fecting 425 million people and set to affect over 690 million people by 2045. No country is immune from this global pandemic, which if not managed, will result in increased economic and social hardship for all those affected. Diabetes brings with it many serious complications, but the good news is that these can be prevented or delayed by living an active and healthy lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes accounts for the vast majority of diabetes cases and most of these could be avoided.

Diet and physical activity are the cornerstones of good diabetes management, for all types of diabetes as well as for people at risk. Diabetes is no obstacle to living a full and productive life and the purpose of this book is to show just that: whether you are living with diabetes or at risk of type 2 diabetes, you can live your life in style through healthy diet and exercise!

The recipes and recommendations included in this compilation are intended to show that eating healthy and exercising can be fun. Living with diabetes does not mean that you have to sacrifice your likes and preferences and eat the same food each day. Every individual is unique and so the recommendations and advice that we, as health professionals, provide should reflect this.

Over 200 recipes from around the globe are featured in this compilation. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) asked its membership and wider network to send in common and popular recipes from their country or region, and I am delighted by the response. Each recipe has been modified to become healthier and meet the dietary requirements of a person living with diabetes. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Vanisha S Nambiar of the Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda, Vadodara (India), without whom the modification of the recipes would not have been possible.

Diet alone, however, is not enough, and must be complemented with daily physical activity. In recognition of the fact that exercising is not always easy, especially in these fast-paced, highly technological times, we have compiled a series of tips and recommendations to make physical activity interesting and fun, showcasing its value in the management of all types of diabetes.

Diabetes currently poses a big challenge to all societies but we have the solutions to re-verse the tide and ensure a healthy future for everyone. I hope that the recipes, tips and suggestions outlined in this book will make a meaningful contribution to improving the lives of the millions affected by diabetes and the many more at risk.

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