Advocacy Toolkit

The UN Special Event on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) held during the UN General Assembly in September 2013 was billed as the final push in discussions toward fulfilling the MDGs and developing a post-2015 framework.

IDF and partners in the NCD Alliance have launched a campaign urging governments to collaborate on diabetes and NCDs and calling for their inclusion in the future development framework and agenda. IDF continues to encourage its Member Associations to seize all opportunities to influence the dialogue.

To that end, IDF has developed a toolkit with factsheets and templates to assist Member Associations in their attempts to communicate with their governments on the urgency of including diabetes, NCDs and an overall global health approach in a post-2015 framework.

The resources included in the toolkit are downloadable and amendable for your use. Click on the links below to download the resources of your choice.

The Toolkit is available in English, Spanish and French: