World Guide to IDF Bridges

The 2015 edition of the World Guide to BRIDGES aims to help investigators and community leaders from around the world learn about the experiences from the teams who led diabetes prevention and treatment projects supported by BRIDGES. In this publication, you will discover the challenges they faced, how they overcame them and discover practical advice to develop your own programme.


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    Below you will find the scientific publications from projects supported by IDF BRIDGES.

    Papers in peer reviewed journals

    Prevention of diabetes

    Management of diabetes

    Peer education

    Gestational diabetes



    Posters and presentations at congresses

    • 1st Diabetes in Asia Study Group, Kathmandu (Nepal), October 2008
    • International Congress of Endocrinology (ICE), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), November 2008
    • PCOS Alliance workshop, Melbourne (Australia), 2008
    • Southern Health 2008
    • Endocrine Society Australia annual meeting, Adelaide (Australia), August 2009
    • Federation of the International Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference, Cape Town, (South Africa) October 2009
    • Fertility Society of Australia, Perth (Australia), October 2009
    • World Diabetes Congress, Montreal (Canada) October 2009
    • National Chronic Disease meeting, New Delhi (India), October 2009
    • Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI), Ahmedabad (India), November 2009
    • Southern Health 2009
    • Philippines Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Manilla (Philippines) January 2010
    • TED conferences, February 2010
    • Australasian Society for Behavioural Health and Medicine Conference, Brisbane (Australia), February 2010
    • 14th International Congress of Endocrinology, Kyoto (Japan), March 2010
    • POSSA conference, Sydney (Australia), March 2010
    • 2nd Diabetes in Asia Study Group, Doha (Qatar), March 2010
    • Emory Medical Grand Rounds, Atlanta (USA), March 2010
    • 6th World Congress on Diabetes Prevention and its complications, Dresden (Germany), April 2010
    • Clinton Global Initiative, Miami (USA), April 2010
    • 71th Scientific Sessions of the ADA, San Diego (USA), June 2010
    • Global Telehealth Australia (televised nationally), July 2010
    • Latin American Summit on Diabetes, Salvadore (Brazil), July 2010
    • 11th International Congress of behavorial medicine, Washington (USA), August 2010
    • The PCOS Alliance Workshop, Melbourne (Australia), August 2010
    • Diabetes Conference, Mexico City (Mexico), September 2010
    • Consortium of University of Global Health, Seattle (USA), September 2010
    • Emory Global Health Seminar, Atlanta (USA), September 2010
    • Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society annual scientific meeting, Sydney (Australia), October 2010
    • 27th Annual Convention of Diabetes Philippines and 6th Course on Diabetes and Vascular Disease, Manila, (Philippines) November, 2010
    • Research Society for the Study of diabetes in India, Kerala (India) November 2010
    • International Latin American Associaton of Diabetes, Santiago (Chili), November 2010,
    • Congrès de la Société Francophone Africaine de Diabétologie, Dakar (Senegal), December 2010
    • DFID World Bank workshop, Shanghai (China), December 2010,
    • Australasian Menopause Society, Sydney (Australia), 2010
    • Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR), Melbourne (Australia), 2010
    • Southern Health 2010
    • 6emes Journée Internationales d'Endocrinologie de Cotonou (Benin), January 2011
    • Congrès annuel de la Société Francophone du Diabète, Geneva (Switzerland), March 2011
    • The Society of Behavioral Medicine 32nd Annual meeting and scientific sessions. Washington DC. (USA) April, 2011
    • 48th Annual Convention of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), Iloilo City, Philippines, August 2011
    • “Forum Medizin 21”, a congress for General Practice and Family Medicine in Salzburg (Austria), September 2011
    • ÖDG Congress (Austrian Diabetes Association), Salzburg (Austria), November 2011
    • World Diabetes Congress, Dubai (UAE), December 2011
    • Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society, 2011
    • Endocrine Society Australia, Perth (Australia), 2011
    • Diabesity, A World-Wide Challenge, Brussels (Belgium) February 2012
    • European Congress of Obesity, Lyon (France), May 2012
    • Endo 2012, Houston (USA), June 2012
    • 72nd scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association, Philadelphia (USA), June 2012
    • Australian Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Melbourne (Australia), July 2012
    • 1st Scientific Sessions of the African Diabetes Congress, Arusha (Tanzania), July 2012
    • 8th Annual Conference of RSSDI Delhi Chapter Meeting, Delhi (India), September 2012
    • EASD 2012, Berlin (Germany), October 2012
    • Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society annual Scientific meeting, Auckland (New Zealand), October 2012
    • 2nd Global symposium on health systems research, Beijing (China), November 2012
    • 7th World Congress for the prevention of diabetes and its complications, Madrid (Spain), November 2012
    • Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Chennai (India), November 2012
    • West African Health Organization (WAHO), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), November 2012
    • 30th Brazilian Congress of Endocrinology & Metabolism, Goiania (Brazil), 2012
    • EbM Congress of the German Network for Evidence-based Medicine, Hamburg (Germany), 2012
    • Latin America Course on Prevention of type 2 diabetes, Mexico city (Mexico), 2012
    • Christian Medical Dental Association Continuing Education conference, February 2013
    • 7th International DIP Symposium, Firenze (Italy), March 2013
    • Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, Manchester (UK), March 2013
    • Congress of the french speaking society of diabetes, Montpellier (France), March 2013
    • 8th semi-annual Global Health Centers of Excellence Steering Committee Meeting, Beijing (China), April, 2013
    • International Association for the Study of Obesity, Boston (USA), May 2013
    • 19th Congreso Venezolano de Medicina Interna, Caracas (Venezuela), May 2013
    • 73rd Scientific Sessions of the ADA, Chicago (USA), June 2013
    • 4th Congresso Brasileiro de ciencas sociais e humanas em saude, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), July 2013
    • 16th South African National Family Practitioners Conference, Cape Town (South Africa), July 2013
    • Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society annual Scientific meeting, Sydney (Australia), August 2013
    • Continuing Medical Education Courses on Diabetes Peer Support. Suzhou (China), August 2013
    • 2nd Annual Asia-pacific conference of diabetes education, Suzhou (China), August 2013
    • 49th EASD, Barcelona (Spain), September 2013
    • 47 Kongress für Allgeimenmedin un Familienmedizin, Munich (Germany), September, 2013
    • Joint Uniting Streams - NVTG Symposium, Amsterdam (Netherlands), October 16, 2013
    • 2nd Congresso online de gestao, educacao e promocao a saude, October 2013
    • 2nd Congresso Brasiliero de Politica, Planejamento e Gestao em Saude, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) October 2013
    • Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, New Delhi (India), November 2013
    • 21st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indian Society of Hypertension, Lucknow (India) November 2013
    • World Diabetes Congress, Melbourne (Australia), December 2013
    • 7th Colombian Diabetes Congress, Paipa (Colombia), 2013
    • 2nd African Diabetes Congress, Yaounde (Cameroun), February 2014
    • Christian Medical Dental Association Continuing Education conference, February 2014
    • EbM Congress of the German Network for evidence-based medicine, Halle (Germany), March 2014
    • Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Plenary lecture, Manila (Philippines), March 2014
    • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Bethesda (USA), April 2014
    • World Heart Federation/World Congress of Cardiology, Melbourne (Australia), May 2014
    • 21st European Congress on Obesity, Sofia (Bulgaria), May 2014
    • 5th Annual Global Health Conference, Washington (USA), May 2014
    • 74rd Scientific Sessions of the ADA, San Francisco (USA), June 2014
    • Symposium International de Libreville sur le Diabète en Afrique, Libreville (Gabon), June 2014
    • 17th South African National Family Practitioners Conference, Pretoria, June 2014
    • Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society/Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific meeting, Queenstown (New Zealand), July 2014
    • Annual Convention of the American Association for Clinical Endocrinology, Philippine chapter, August 2014
    • 2nd Annual International Diabetes Self-management Education meeting. Tianjin (China), August 2014.
    • Thailand Non Communicable Disease Forum, August 2014
    • EASD 2014, Vienna (Austria), September 2014
    • 9th Congresso Brasileiro de Epidemiologia, Vitoria (Brazil), September 2014
    • "The diabetic epidemic: new education tools", University of Georgia, School of Public Health; Athens, Georgia, (USA), September 2014
    • 2nd regional Council of South East Asia Region, Mauritius, October 2014
    • 8th Thailand Congress of Nutrition 2014, October 2014
    • Association of Third World Studies Annual meetings, Denver (USA), October 2014
    • 17th Canadian Diabetes Assocation/Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism Annual meeting, Winnipeg (Canada), October 2014
    • 3rd Global symposium on health systems research, Cape Town (South Africa), October 2014
    • Chinese Diabetes Society, 18th Scientfic Meeting, Guanghou (China), November 2014
    • 10th IDF WPR congress, Singapore, November 2014
    • World Congress on Public Heatlh, Kolkata (India), February 2015
    • The University of Ottawa Dietetic symposium, Ottawa (Canada), March 2015
    • 7th International Conference on Health Issues and Arab Communities, Musqat (Oman), March 2015 
    • Arab Diabetes Prevention Summit, Cairo (Egypt), March 2015
    • 4th WONCA Africa Regional Conference, Accra (Ghana), May 2015
    • 12th China Nutrition Science Congress, Beijing (China), May 2015
    • Public Health Nutrition Symposium, Shenzhen (China), June 2015
    • Joint Conference in Medical Sciences 2015, Bangkok (Thailand), June 2015
    • 76th Scientific Sessions of the ADA, Boston (USA), June 2015
    • Thailand Non Communicable Disease Forum, August 2015
    • Basic training course for thai diabetes educators, May & September 2015
    • 49. Kongress für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin, Bolzano (Italy), September 2015
    • Chinese Forum on Diabetic Foot and Related Disease, Beijing (China), September 2015
    • North American Primary Care Research Group 2015 annual meeting, Cancun (Mexico), October 2015
    • 1st International Conference of Primary Care and Public Health, London (UK), October 2015
    • 3rd International Congress of Person-Centered Medicine, London (UK), October 2015 
    • Association of Third World Studies Annual meetings, Quito (Ecuador), November 2015
    • World Diabetes Congress, Vancouver (Canada), December 2015


    Articles in international magazines

    BRIDGES is an International Diabetes Federation programme, supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes.