BRIDGES symposium WDC15

Join us to learn, replicate and create impact in your local community.

Successful diabetes prevention and treatment strategies worldwide

Evidences from IDF translational research programme BRIDGES

Date: 3 December 2015 from 17.15 to 19.15
Location: Room 121, Vancouver Convention Centre
Chair: Hussein Saadi, Co-Chair BRIDGES Review Committee

17.25: Welcome Speech

Type of presentation: Lecture
Speaker: Juan Jose Gagliardino (Member BRIDGES Executive Committee)

17.25– 18.10: Diabetes Prevention: Lessons learned from international experts

Type of presentation: Round table
Duration: 45 minutes: Each of the 3 speakers presents for 5 minutes highlights of their study. The final presentation will be followed by a moderated 30 minutes of discussion including questions from the audience

Speakers: Peter Bennett (Da Qing Study); Jaakko Tuomilehto (FDPP/DEMOJUAN), Linda Siminerio (DPP)

Moderator: John Grumitt (Vice President, IDF)

18.10– 18.25: Diabetes Prevention: A real case scenario

Type of presentation: Lecture
Duration: 15 minutes

Speaker: Valla Tantayotai (BRIDGES project ST12-041 in Thailand)

18.25– 18.45: Learning from success: Replication of good practices worldwide

Type of presentation: Duet (one presentation done by two speakers)
Duration: 20 minutes 14 minutes presentation (7 minutes per speaker) + 6 minutes questions from the audience

Speakers: Samir Assaad Khalil (BRIDGES project in Egypt), Lei Zhang (BRIDGES Research Net project in China)

18.45– 19.00: Key elements to sustain an intervention

Type of presentation: Lecture
Duration: 15 minutes (12 minutes interview + 3 minutes of questions from the audience)

Speaker: Robert Gabbay (Chair, BRIDGES Review Committee)

19.00 – 19.15 Your toolkit to take back home

Type of presentation: Lecture
Duration: 15 minutes

Speaker: Ayesha Motala (Member, BRIDGES Executive Committee)


BRIDGES is an International Diabetes Federation programme supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes