Diabetes advocacy in 2012 - highlights, achievements and progress

When world leaders met at the 2011 UN High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and adopted the UN Political Declaration on NCD Prevention and Control, the global health and development landscape changed forever. Diabetes and the related NCDs were recognised as a ‘major 21st century challenge’ and governments signed up to a set of commitments for action covering the spectrum of prevention, treatment and care. As one of the earliest voices to call for the Summit and an instrumental player during preparations, IDF is proud to have been at the heart of this sea change. But now over a year on from this watershed event, what has changed for people with diabetes? Where has IDF focused its advocacy efforts in 2012 and what have been the major achievements for diabetes and NCDs in this post-Summit year? And looking ahead, what are the next political milestones to continue the momentum of the Summit? Katie Dain offers some highlights, achievements and an over progress of IDF’s new advocacy programme – the Diabetes Roadmap to the Future Development Agenda.