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Last update: 29/03/2017

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People with diabetes the world over face a common enemy: discrimination. For many men, women and children, a diabetes diagnosis marks the end of normality and the beginning of social exclusion. We must change this.

Millions of people living with the disease have shown enormous strength and resilience in standing-up to discrimination, at the same time tackling the complex physical and emotional challenges posed by this disease. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) published a landmark document in 2011 – the International Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of People with Diabetes – which identified three fundamental rights:

  1. The right to care.
  2. The right to information and education about diabetes.
  3. The right to social justice.

IDF acknowledges the tireless battles faced by people with diabetes in workplaces, in local communities and in carrying out tasks in their daily lives as a result of discriminatory legislation.

The stories come from our Member Associations and Young Leaders in Diabetes. Their powerful testimonies not only reveal the discrimination and stigma faced by people with diabetes, but the crucial role the above fundamental rights play in ensuring people with diabetes can live full and active lives.

By increasing diabetes education and awareness around the world, it is IDF’s vision to prevent and end diabetes discrimination and stigma in all its forms. We invite you to discover these poignant stories with us and share them widely.

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