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  1. Diabetic foot care and prevention in Senegal: adding an extra dimension to the Step-by-Step model

    regions. Yet these amputations can be prevented. As well as medical factors, numerous social and ... factors affecting diabetes care in Senegal, and make some suggestions for improvements in the prevention ... Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye DV_55-2_Slootmaeckers.pdf Clinical Care Prevention and screening ...

    admin - 11/04/2010 - 15:50 - Volume 55 | Issue 2 - Koen Slootmaeckers Kristien Van Acker Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye

  2. Achieving excellence in diabetes foot care: one step at a time

    2025, there is an urgent need for a co-ordinated preventive clinical response to reduce the impact of ... the diabetic foot. Up to 85% of all diabetic-foot-related problems are preventable through ...

    admin - 05/20/2008 - 11:24 - - Foster Ali Kristien Van Acker

  3. Diabetic Foot Disease: When the alarm to action is missing

    Paradoxically 85 percent of all amputations caused by diabetes are preventable. If amputation is almost always ... preventable then this is good news for people at greatest risk for diabetic foot disease. Sadly, amputations ... regions for prevention. As all of these interventions concern national healthcare, political involvement ...

    Lorenzo.Piemonte - 07/01/2015 - 16:41 - Online Issue 2 | July 2015 - Kristien Van Acker