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Editor-in-Chief: Dr Douglas Villarroel (Bolivia)
Editor: Elizabeth Snouffer (USA)

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Issue: September 2016
Section: Diabetes views

Voices of diabetes: where I find the best information about living with diabetes

A good part of living with diabetes well is getting connected to sources of information that are reliable and relevant. For most people who develop type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, that first source of information comes from the diabetes specialist or healthcare provider at diagnosis. Diabetes self-management education may continue for weeks to months with a variety of HCPs, depending upon the complexity of the treatment ranging from a change in lifestyle behaviours and oral medication for many with type 2 diabetes while those living with type 1 diabetes may be given device technology for insulin infusion and glucose monitoring. Soon however, people living with diabetes become specialists in their own right, managing their blood glucose at home, at work, at play and even monitoring during sleep in millions of places all over the world.

As a person’s body ages with diabetes (all types), changes in treatment are usually required. Mild complications or other chronic illnesses may emerge and the need for information is vital. Treatments are constantly changing, guidelines are always evolving and new technologies are quickly developing. It’s a lot to keep track of and often the person living with diabetes might even find that they are more up-to-date on commercial consumer driven “diabetes developments” than their healthcare providers.

We asked people living with diabetes where they find the best information about their condition for empowerment and confidence. Given the role of the Internet and digital healthcare technology in today’s world, we found their answers inspirational and somewhat unsurprising.

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