The fourth YLD Leadership Training Summit took place in parallel to the IDF Congress, between December 5-8, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia. Some 59 members of the YLD Programme from 51 different countries attended this Summit. Discover their interviews here:

Apoorva Gomber
Aziza Bokhari
(Saudia Arabia)
Bruno Carattini
Chanut Mongkolthunmakul
Chipimo Chisanga
Diana Caro
Deric Formbuh
Fernando Mogster
Jacob Lachmandas
Johanah Joyce Co
Kagiso Molosiwa
Konstantina Boumaki
Kush Patel
Lamin Dibba
Lisselle Toussaint
Lucas San Pedro
Lucas Xavier de Oliveira
Lulwa Al Qaoud
Maartje Roskams
María Claudia Berghusen Anteparra
Martín José Calero Mantilla
Paula Chinchilla
(Costa Rica)
Pedro Pires
Rachel Portelli
Rebecca Barlow Noone
(United Kingdom)
Rocío Rodriguez Sanchez
Salome Dos Santos
Daniel Vegh
Shiva Chackan
(Trinidad and Tobago)
Shivani Sujata Devi
Shuk Yi Yu
(Hong Kong)
Stephanie Haack
Tai Lin Lee
Tania Araceli Campos Torres
Uros Bogdanovic
Weronika Kowalska
Yemurai Machirori
Young Ji Kim
(South Korea)
Zanique Edwards
(Saint Lucia)
Matías Juarez
Alessio Liguori
Estefanía Malassisi
Diana Estephania Novelo Alzina

In Africa, many people have received incorrect information about diabetes and think of it is as a disease that only affects older people and the wealthy. People with diabetes suffer from many negative perceptions. Diabetes education in the region is often non-existent, while access to (affordable) care and medicines is a real issue for many people.

Africa’s YLD Regional Action Plan focuses on improving diabetes education, raising awareness of diabetes and screening programmes. The YLD candidates aim to improve the lives of people living with diabetes through reducing stigma and discrimination and helping their governments understand the crucial necessity of providing access to diabetes care and medicines to people living with diabetes help improve their health outcomes and avoid life-threatening complications.

Activities undertaken to achieve the goals of the action plan include diabetes camps, awareness campaigns, educational talks, physical activity and advocacy campaigns.

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Bing Shin - Malaysia

Before joining the YLD programme, Bing Shin had already created two support groups on Facebook to connect and engage with people living with type 1 diabetes. By joining the YLD programme, she extended her project to the Malaysian T1 Support group. She wishes to improve and update diabetes education to parents of children living with type 1 diabetes. Bing Shin's project is accessible via social media (Facebook group) and also through activities for group members such as a public forum meeting, regular meetups and day-to-day follow-up and support online.

In March 2018, she organised her first T1D public forum where she invited three healthcare professionals and three people living with diabetes to create a debate. Around fifty people attended the event. The next step for the project is a T1D Leadership Camp planned for the end of 2018, and the release of a diabetes stories book by the end of 2019.

Starting execution date: March 1, 2018

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Shuk Yi Yu - Hong Kong

Shuk Yi will volunteer to provide support to a diabetes camp, initiated by Youth Diabetes Action. Participants will come from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, in particular Shanghai and Beijing, and most participants are expected to live with type 1 diabetes. Shuk Yi wants the participants to connect with each other, to befriend each other and to learn from one another.

Starting execution date: July 27, 2018

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Diana Caro - Colombia

Diana believes that education is a key aspect of diabetes advocacy and that people living with diabetes have the right to learn how to treat themselves properly. In order for them to reach this goal, they need to know about all the issues surrounding diabetes treatment such as therapeutic demand, proper management, new technologies, family support, etc. To her, it is also crucial to educate healthcare professionals because understanding the patients and their emotions is a big part of treatment.

She is planning different activities such as workshops, trainings, meetings and educational talks; all of them focused on self management and prevention of complications. In June and July 2018, she carried out workshops for people living with diabetes and for carers. She also helped organise a support group meeting for young people living with diabetes.

Diana Q2.1   Diana Q2.2

Workshop and support group meeting

On September 29th, she held a meeting of the support group for young people with diabetes. Those meetings were created to give children with type 1 diabetes the opportunity to talk about their issues, find answers to their questions and feel more confident and empowered.

On October 27th, Diana organised a Halloween celebration called "Magic Day". This event was open to all children from the Colombian Diabetes Association. Diana and her team showed the participants that they could enjoy Halloween responsibly and keep their blood sugar level stable.

 Diana Q3.1    Diana Q3.2

Halloween celebration with children from the Colombian Diabetes Association

Starting execution date: June 1, 2018

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