Epidemiology & research

IDF is the global reference for accurate, up-to-date estimates of the prevalence of diabetes and its impact on individuals and health economies.

First published in 2000, the IDF Diabetes Atlas is produced by IDF in collaboration with a committee of scientific experts from around the world. It contains statistics on diabetes prevalence, diabetes-related mortality and health expenditure at the global, regional and national level.

Global survey on Access to Medicines and Supplies for People with Diabetes

Last update: 22/05/2017

In 2016, IDF conducted a global survey on the perspective of people with diabetes and health professionals on Access to Medicines and Supplies for People with Diabetes. The report of the findings introduces diabetes and related medicines, provides the perception of people with diabetes, and health professionals on the availability, access and prices of medicines and supplies from around the world, and outlines public health policy solutions.

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