IDF Consultative Section on Diabetes Education

DECS is committed to improving the quality of life of people with diabetes through assisting health professionals, professional organizations and member associations to provide high quality diabetes education and care.

Established in 1994, the IDF Consultative Section on Diabetes Education (DECS) identifies and addresses issues relating to diabetes education and care at the international level.

Members of the consultative section represent an interdisciplinary group of educators from the following IDF regions: Africa, North America and the Caribbean, Western Pacific, Europe, South and Central America and South East Asia.

Key areas of work for DECS include:

  • Leadership development for health professionals.
  • Producing tools and resources for health professional education and training.
  • Developing strategic alliances.
  • Fostering communication and knowledge exchange among health professionals involved in diabetes care and research.
  • Recognizing high quality international diabetes education centres as exemplars of health care professional training.
  • Delivering high quality interdisciplinary training programmes.
  • Providing expert advice to the International Diabetes Federation Board and Diabetes Education activities.

Download an IDF education flyer at Diabetes Education Leaflet

For more information on the work of DECS, please contact [email protected]