Risk Score map

The risk prediction tools for identifying people at high risk of developing type2 diabetes (PREDICT-2) project is an initiative of the International Diabetes Federation. This project involves the collation of diabetes risk scores for the detection of undiagnosed diabetes and prediction of future risk of diabetes for populations with locally available demographic data. Diabetes risk scores including biochemical variables are not applicable for this purpose. The risk score map currently includes risk scores from 23 countries. In addition, the map provides risk score information of three countries where currently available risk scores have included biochemical variables. One common diabetes risk prediction score which has been used outside the original country is the FINnish Diabetes Risk SCcore (FINDRISC). It has been developed in Finland, which is considered a high income country. Six countries that have not developed diabetes risk scores but have tested FINDRISC and one country that have modified FINDRISC but have not validated the modified risk score are also indicated in the risk score map.

Country-specific risk scores should be applied to the relevant populations. For countries that have no available diabetes risk scores, an existing risk score developed from a population that has similar ethnic and socioeconomic background to their country may be used with caution. Researchers attempting to use risk scores that have not been validated on their population should note that diabetes risk scores developed for a specific population do not normally work well in other populations.

The risk score map will be updated as new risk scores become available. To ensure the information contained within the risk score map is up-to-date, researchers are encouraged to notify the PREDICT-2 analysis team of any new risk scores by contacting Dr Crystal Lee at [email protected].