Global Diabetes Scorecard

The Global Diabetes Scorecard - published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) - contains the views of 125 IDF Member Associations from 104 countries on how far their national governments have progressed in responding to the diabetes challenge by December 2013 and sets the baseline for future monitoring.

It enables IDF and its network of Member Associations to hold governments accountable to the UN Political Declaration on NCD Prevention and Control, and the global targets adopted at the 66th World Health Assembly. These agreements are a historic pledge to take action which, if fulfilled, will result in tangible change for people with diabetes today.

The Global Diabetes Scorecard empowers the global diabetes community to track and report progress on diabetes, to highlight areas of good practice and to identify areas that may need targeted advocacy to encourage government action.

Developed through extensive consultation with IDF’s regional and national network and external experts in global health, the Global Diabetes Scorecard is a comprehensive tool relevant in all countries. It has the scope for adaptation within other disease communities, and within the future development agenda when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire.

View the scores now to see how the participating countries have performed.

Print copies of the Global Diabetes Scorecard are available to order online.

IDF gratefully acknowledges the support of Bupa – the international healthcare group – in the project.