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A Challenge across Europe 

to MOVE during 527 040 minutes

from the IDF Europe 2016 Youth Leadership Camp Alumni

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Physical activity is important for everyone. The goal of the Challenge is to achieve an ‘Active year for diabetes in Europe’ – which means 527 040 minutes (8 784 hours) of physical activity in 2016, to be worked out by participants of all ages, with diabetes or not, all over Europe. Participants should aim for some 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 times a week as per WHO recommendations of 150 minutes of physical activity per week[1].

To attract people from all ages and encourage maximum participation, all sports are eligible: running, cycling, skiing, walking, hiking, swimming, dancing, judo, volley ball, football, rowing, etc.  The unit of measurement is the "active minute". Minutes will be mainly recorded through the “Endomondo” app. 


(a 10-step guide to sign-up the challenge)

Check out our Facebook group too!

Help us to reach our target!  Feel free to invite your friends and spread the word about the challenge.

Alternatives exist for people not using smartphones! You can collect your active minutes and send them to us at [email protected] !                        

Goals of the project

  • To raise awareness about diabetes in Europe and promote physical activity as beneficial to the general population as well as to people with diabetes
  • To strenghten the IDF Europe youth network and collaboration with IDF Member Associations in the European Region
  • To mobilize people living with diabetes, their friends, families and other advocates to collect active minutes of physical activity for the Challenge, and at the same time making a habit of being active
  • To highlight best case practices 


The Challenge is on-going and results of the Challenge will be announced on 14 November, World Diabetes Day.


In order to keep track of the Challenge we suggest using Endomondo, which enables to create and describe a challenge, to set profile pictures, and to invite people to participate. The App automatically pools data from participants, allowing real-time monitoring of the progress of the Challenge.

Alternatively, you can join the challenge through our Facebook group -eUrMOVE 2016 or simply take a picture whenever you expercise and tag us on Instagram #eurmove2016 ! Feel free to use other apps for tracking your active minutes, GarminFitbitSports Tracker Classic or any other devices you life!

An important note: participants can only sign up for the challenge on the website (under the Challenges menu), search for 'eUrMOVE 2016'. Search function is not available on phones. 



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