Impact of the UN Summit

The UN Summit, coupled with the adoption of the Political Declaration on NCDs, has elevated diabetes and NCDs onto the international agenda and changed the health and development landscape forever. Below is a snapshot of some of the early signs of impact of the Summit. However, turning the tide of the diabetes and NCDs epidemic is a marathon, not a sprint. The Summit was only the beginning and it will take time before we see the full impact of the Summit.

Political Declaration on NCDs

The Political Declaration not only recognises diabetes and NCDs as a major 21st Century development challenge but has defined the future of the global diabetes and NCD response. Governments made 22 action-orientated commitments  at the UN Summit, which cover the spectrum of the diabetes response.

Find out more about our campaign on the follow-up to the Political Declaration here and read IDF’s Advocacy Guide to the Political Declaration here.

UN Action on NCDs

The Political Declaration has begun a new era of United Nations cooperation and action on NCDs, including meetings on UN inter-agency NCD response, and a joint effort between WHO and UNDP to work on NCDs. The UN Summit has placed diabetes and NCDs on to the mainstream global development agenda.