Dániel Végh


YLD Mentor 2020-2021

I am a prosthodontic resident and a PhD student (with a topic of diabetes and oral health) in the Semmelweis University Budapest. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 19 years old, which was a big challenge for me and for my family as well. I established my diabetes blog in 2014, when I came home from the IDF-E summer camp, and since the beginning we recruited more than 700 young people living with type 1 diabetes in Hungary. Young Leaders in Diabetes Program is a life-changing experience for all the participants, where we could have the possibility to make new friends, and when this hundreds of years of diabetes experience concentrating in one place, you cannot go home after without you get super motivated and keep up the good work and continue your passionate involvement in the diabetes advocacy.

Since 2015 I am representing the European diabetes advocates as the regional chair elect, and from 2016 as regional chair of the Young Leaders in Diabetes Program. I was voted as a European leader by more than 70 European diabetes advocates in our last YLD Assembly, which is a huge responsibility. It is also very important to start and continue the conversations for the better opportunities to our strong community. The life quality could be very different for a T1D patient between the continents, but this diversity can be found between European countries as well. With the help of the international meetings and training programs like YLD we have a better overview about diabetes related problems, and with the help of our experiences the local representatives will be able to fight for the better access for medicine and for better education. There is a lot to do, but together we are unstoppable. To widen my experience, I applied and graduated from the EUPATI Training Course, representing diabetes from the 100 selected patient experts. I like to be busy with diabetes voluntary work, and trying to help other people with this disease. I am thankful for my family and my friends who are always behind me, and helping me to change diabetes!

My project: We have 3 big projects in Hungary which are made by and for young people living with diabetes, but also for health care professionals. 1. As a dental doctor I have a lecture series about diabetes and oral health for dentists. During the last 2 years (2015-2016) more than 2000 Hungarian dentists attended my educational lecture live. 2. As part of the Hungarian youth diabetes community (called IDB Hungary) we are participating most of the Hungarian diabetes patient meetings and congresses, where we are trying to learn, share experiences and summarising the new knowledge for our audience. 3. We have a sport project called Fc. Diabeaters. This is an amateur football team for people living with diabetes, who are playing every week 1 hour futsal. We are trying to draw attention to the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle.

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