Fan-Syuan (Gianni) Hong


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008.

Member of YLD since 2015 (YLD Candidate).

I’m a Taiwanese living in Taipei. I attended IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme 2015 in Vancouver. I’m volunteering and enjoying being a big brother for kids at T1DM summer camp every year. I am a sporty person fond of cycling, running, walking, swimming and table tennis. My job is a software engineer at Blumio, a company that designs 24/7 wearable heart rate monitor. I want to apply my working experience to continuous BG measurement in the future. That’s why I’m here!

My project: I hold a running event every week to let people with diabetes establish daily/weekly exercise habits. There is no restriction in distance, and it is related to time, for example: every attending people has to run in a specific duration like 1 hour. The measuring method is just setting a timer. The start point is the same for everyone, but the return point is relying on individual person. No matter what speed people can run, just move forward and get back. It is simple and easy to get into and let people moving forward progressively.

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