María De Los Ángeles Castañeda


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1996.

Member of YLD since 2015 (YLD Candidate).

My name is Angie and I have spent most of my lifetime with Diabetes. I was just a little girl when I was diagnosed with DM1, so I have few memories of that day. But since then, I understand this condition as a lifestyle and I have embraced my treatment in order to have a good life. I’ve never felt that diabetes was a limitation to do what I like the most. That’s why I enjoy working in the promotion of diabetes care and the education of people with my same condition, because education was the key of my commitment with diabetes treatment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in my environment that don´t have the “same luck” as me who live conditioned by this disease, usually, because they don´t have access to the correct medical treatment. I believe that by sharing my experience I can show them that by learning about their condition and their own treatment they can have a full life without limitations.

My project: In this context, as a project I created the program: "A hand for diabetes" (Education, Motivation, Action, Promotion, Prevention). Activities include: organising healthy activities in public places, promoting awareness in schools, placing information posters in every local health center, organizing a «World Diabetes Day´s » Marathon and creating an exercise program prior to the Marathon on for young people with diabetes.