Chipimo Chisanga


YLD Mentor 2020-2021

I am a youth Member of the Diabetes Association of Zambia since 2014 in the African region. I am the current Young Leader in Diabetes representing Zambia since 2015. I am an undergraduate student with the University of Zambia pursuing his first Degree program, and I am looking to become an economist. I attended a mission school for my senior years, and immediately after I completed senior high school, I was awarded with a Distinguished Citizenship and Leadership award by the Namwianga Mission Superintendent together with my former Head teacher. I also attended a few Diabetes Educator training programs and obtained a few certificates. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 11th grade. Following this, I became a better person because I started making healthy life choices. On my self-discovery, I used the setback of the diagnosis to inspire myself to work even harder in school. I believe that what I thought to be the end of my life was the beginning of a new journey.

My project: The name of the project is called Daily Diabetes Control and this project is about helping people with Diabetes have better control and knowledge by educating them about Diabetes, also through sharing personal experience of living with Diabetes. It is also about educating every person out there (specifically Zambians) about Diabetes in general by having a radio program. The whole project is based on raising Diabetes Awareness through Diabetes Education from the experience, and it is divided into two categories: the Educational aspect which is in the first year and Awareness Activities in the Second Year.

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Watch my interview at YLD 2017 Training Summit in Abu Dhabi here.