Yemurai Machirori


YLD Mentor 2020-2021

My name is Yemurai Sammantha Machirori and I`m 24 years old. I was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2004 (a month before my 12th birthday). I recently completed my Higher National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management. I have over the years taken comfort in volunteering at my member association whenever I`ve got time on my hands and in recent years have tried shifting my energy towards helping children with diabetes and their parents by talking to them. I have also been able to reach out to the general public by writing monthly diabetes articles for one of our biggest newspapers. It is my wish to make significant differences in my country as far as diabetes is concerned because of the mere lack of ignorance that is expressed by most people as far as diabetes is concerned. I would love to work towards ensuring that proper policies are set up especially for children with diabetes in schools as I would not want to see another child going what I had to go through during my time at school.

My projects: are set to bring diabetic children together and keep them connected as we do not have such a facility in my country. My peer group will be mostly active during school holidays and may end up bringing opportunities for camps in the long run. This project will involve me working with the doctor in charge of the biggest children`s diabetic clinic and their parents, giving them an opportunity to share their feelings and experiences without having to be judged by other people who do not understand what they go through daily. Another project is focussed on my work with our local newspaper. I will continue writing monthly articles for them with the aim of raising more awareness of diabetes in the general public. My final project is working with my Ministry of Health in ensuring that diabetes policies are implemented especially in schools. In early 2017, it is my intention to identify children with diabetes and move around with the IDF`s KIDS guide in their schools, explaining to teachers and other children about diabetes. My ministry of health and I had already agreed on trying to lobby for diabetes to be included in our national budget and I will continue working with them until that goal has been reached.

Watch my interview at YLD 2017 Training Summit in Abu Dhabi here.