Sophie Hindkjær


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2011.

Member of YLD since 2015 (YLD Candidate).

I'm a Danish law student and I have type 1 diabetes. When I was diagnosed, I felt very alone and very sick, but this changed when I met the Danish Diabetes Association's youth group. Suddenly I was with peers who understood me. This feeling is the reason I want to be a diabetes advocate; I want people to know that they are not alone! Diabetes is my passion, and my passion has driven me to develop many valuable skills, both in my personal and my professional life. My law degree has amongst many other things, taught me how to fight for and know my rights as a person living with diabetes. My continuous active and devoted role in The Danish Diabetes Association has taught me more than I could have dreamed of. I've been so lucky as to be taught by the best and brightest throughout my journey; from the kids at Cafe Suk, participants in Nordic Forum, the IDF Europe Leadership camp and everyone involved in IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes. These experiences are invaluable and I use the knowledge every day!

My project: it is a social media campaign in Denmark inspired by Life For A Child's ‘Spare a Rose, Save a child’ campaign, targeting around 15000 people. The campaign is run and produced by me and my mother association – the Danish Diabetes Association. We encourage people to show their love for someone who has diabetes by donating to Life For A Child. With a strong emphasis on broader awareness of how many people are affected by diabetes and awareness of the severity and span of diabetes in third world countries, the scope is to enlighten the broader Danish population. By targeting not only people living with diabetes, but also their loved ones, the campaign creates a feeling of unity and common ground.

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