Life for a Child in Africa


The IDF "Life for a Child" Programme is currently supporting over 6500 CHILDREN AND YOUTH WITH DIABETES IN 19 COUNTRIES IN THE IDF AFRICA REGION.

In the Hearts of Africa

After the outstanding success of the 2007 documentary film Life for a Child, Academy Award-nominated director Edward Lachman teamed up once again with Eli Lilly and Company and the International Diabetes Federation to produce a heart-rending film about children with diabetes, this time in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lifeblood features Congolese children with type 1 diabetes and follows their day-to-day lives as they struggle to survive in their impoverished capital city of Kinshasa.

This new documentary film, part of the IDF Life for a Child film series, aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact of diabetes in the developing world and increase support for the IDF Life for a Child Programme.