Population: 1,166,079,217 (July 2009 est)
GDP per capita (PPP): $2,800 (2008 est)
Total expenditure on health per capita: $109  (Intl $, 2006)

India is located in southern Asia. India is a dynamic and diverse nation and is the second most populous country in the world.


Implementing Partner in-Country: The DREAM Trust - Diabetes Research Education And Management Trust in Nagpur (Dr. Sharad Pendsey and colleagues)

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2002

We began supporting 15 children in the city of Nagpur in Central India and currently help 45 children and adolescents. These children are cared for by the DREAM Trust, which provides care for children and youth with diabetes from impoverished circumstances. Some of the children receiving care travel many hours to attend clinic.

Quality medical care, insulin and syringes, monitoring and education are all provided. Using funds from a Foundation, we also supported education of patients and their families, health professionals, and educational scholarships for a number of the children.

Vellore (Tamil Nadu)

Vellore is a district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  One of the oldest cities in Southern India, Vellore is home to approximately half a million people and sits on the Palar River.

In-Country Partner #2: Christian Medical College (Dr Nihal Thomas and colleagues) -

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2009

The Christian Medical College (CMC), established 1900, is one of the oldest and most highly respected hospitals in India. In 2002 CMC was voted the best medical college in the country. It has 2600 beds and 5500 outpatients per day (1.5million outpatient visits/year) and is only the second medical college in India to be graded as a 5-star academic institution by the National Accreditation body. It is a leading centre for physical and medical rehabilitation providing accessory support of foot care with a factory for prosthesis and footwear, a leading centre for renal transplantation, bone marrow transplantation and the national centre for stem cell research for the country.

The Biochemistry and clinical pathology departments run an inexpensive quality control programme which covers more than 3,000 hospitals all over the country. One of the unique features of this set up is the holistic care it provides to a large urban and rural community. In view of this unique feature of providing high-level specialized care at the hospital and holistic care for a defined community, the WHO has recognized it as a Collaborative Center in Community Based Health Professional Training and Nursing Education. It also serves as a referral center for all the hospitals across the country which particularly focuses on the low gross domestic product (GDP) states of India and the isolated North East border states of the country. It is also responsible for providing Continuous Medical Education for all the mission hospital staff as well as the members of the Indian Medical Association.

Life for a Child works directly with the Department of Endocrinology to support 50 adolescents with type 1 diabetes. This Dept. has been responsible for setting up 100 integrated diabetes centers in remote and rural India over the last six years, as well as training doctors and counsellors. It is also runs a distance education training programme in diabetes and has advanced videoconferencing facilities and a large national and international educational network that supports this.

Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

Hardiwar is one of 13 districts and the name of the city that headquarters the northern state of Uttarakhand.

In-Country Partner #3: The Rama Krishna Mission Hospital (RKM), Kankhal, Haridwar (Drs Santosh & Jitendra Gupta of Manav Seva Foundation (MSF)) - Website:

Life for a Child Support

Commenced March 2011

RKM (Haridwar) became the third LFAC centre in India, enrolling 25 children between the ages of six and 22. Drs. Jitendra K and Santosh Gupta have lived and worked in the US for over 36 years, and since 1969 have been closely associated with Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. They retired from their private practice at the end of 2007, and now work full-time on MSF. LFAC provided funds to purchase meters, strips, and HbA1c testing locally.