Iraq (Kurdistan)


Population: 4,690,939 (2010 est.)

GDP per capita (PPP): $4,500 (2009 est.)

Total expenditure on health per capita: $167 (Intl $, 2009)

The Kurdistan Region is an autonomous (self-governing) region in the north of Iraq, established in the 1970s and governed officially by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The area borders Iran, Turkey, and Syria, with the rest of Iraq to the south. Erbil is both the capital and largest city.

In-Country Partner: Diabetic Child Association (DCA) (Drs Mohamed Ramadan, Layla Shahrabani & Bayar Fakhri)

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2012

205 children and youth aged between 1-20 years, receiving care through DCA in Erbil. LFAC is currently investigating ways to safely ship insulin, meters, strips and lancets to those in need, as well as diabetes education materials.