Population: 2,868,380 million (July 2011 est.)

GDP per capita (PPP): $9,000 (2011 est.)

Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2009): $383

Jamaica is a small island nation in the Caribbean. Aspects of the Jamaican lifestyle are deservedly famous, but the country faces substantial challenges with high unemployment, underemployment, and personal security issues.

Implementing Partner in-Country: Diabetes Association of Jamaica - Ms Lurline Less & colleagues

Website: http://diabetesjamaica.com

International Partner: ISPAD


Commenced: 2009

Type of support: Life for a Child began working with the Diabetes Association of Jamaica in November 2009 and support for 200 children and youth with diabetes commenced in 2010. Donated insulin from Eli Lilly was sent in February 2010, followed by blood glucose meters and strips provided with support from Nipro Diagnostics. 10,000 syringes were sent in 2010.

The official launch of the Life for a Child Program in Jamaica was opened by Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, current President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in March 2010, and Life for a Child sponsored a two-day ISPAD/CARES/IDF NACR Paediatric Diabetes workshop that took place later that month in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Attended by approximately 50 health professionals from the Caribbean, the course was accredited 10 Continuing Medical Education Hours by the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP).

In late 2009, the Program facilitated a one-year financial donation by the ALD (Luxembourg Diabetes Association). Additionally, a generous one-year grant has been donated by the “Pikorua sails for Diabetes” project: a sailing circumnavigation of the globe by Danielle (Marie-Jeanne) Peters & Barry Heath aimed at raising awareness of diabetes in children and adolescents, and to raise money for both LFAC and children with diabetes in need in Luxembourg (Danielle’s home country). These donations will go to the Program’s 2010 work in Jamaica with the Diabetes Association of Jamaica.