The Maldives

Population: 394,999 (July 2011 est.)

GDP per capita (PPP): $8,400 (2011 est.)

Total expenditure on health per capita (Intl $, 2009): $412

The Maldives is a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, located off the southern tip of India. Maldives officials have been prominent participants in international climate change talks due to the islands' low elevation and the threat from sea-level rise.

Due to its unique geography and scattered populations, substantial issues lie in providing equal access to standard healthcare services. Additional problems arise from increasing rates of non-communicable diseases, and malnutrition is a consistent national health issue, especially prevalent in children and women (WHO Maldives, 2006).

Implementing Partner in-Country: Diabetes Society of the Maldives

International Partner: Insulin for Life


Commenced: 2009

Type of support: In collaboration with Insulin for Life, Life for a Child is covering the costs of regular insulin, meters and strips for 30 children. Additionally, quality education materials have been sent (2011), and the Program is investigating the possibility of a short visit by a paediatric endocrinologist to the Maldives in 2012, incorporating some health professional training and a site visit.