Population: 12,666,987 (July 2009 est)
GDP per capita (PPP): $1,200 (2008 est)
Total expenditure on health per capita: $65 (Intl $, 2006) 

Mali is a landlocked country located in Western Africa, southwest of Algeria.

Partners: Santé Diabète Mali (M. Stéphane Besançon and colleagues)
Website:, Association Malienne de Lutte contre le Diabète (AMLD) 
International Supporters: Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabète (ALD), Diabetes Australia-NSW

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2007

The mortality rate for children with diabetes in Mali has been very high. On projections from similar countries, one would expect almost 1,000 children <15 years with diabetes in Mali. However, when we commenced the program in 2007, only 14 could be found, and this number included some older adolescents. They lived in or near the capital Bamako, and also Sikasso and the legendary city of Timbuktu (Tombouctou). We support the Santé Diabète Mali, a French-Mali non-government organisation that is working to develop diabetes services in Mali. The SDM partner closely with the Malian Association for the Fight Against Diabetes, and various hospitals – Point G National Hospital, Gabriel Touré Hospital and others.

The 14 children and youth were provided with adequate insulin and self-monitoring equipment, as well as diabetes education and access to medical care. They have all done well, and with new cases, as well as some other patients cared for elsewhere who have come to the SDM’s knowledge, the number of subjects supported has grown to over 40. Patients, families, doctors and nurses know that it is possible for children to live and flourish, even with diabetes.