Sri Lanka


Population: 21,324,791 (July 2009 est)
GDP per capita (PPP): $4,300 (2008 est)                                                     
Total expenditure on health per capita: $213 (Intl $, 2006)

Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, south of India.

Implementing Partner In-Country: Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka (Prof. Mahen Wijesuriya and colleagues) 
International supporter: Rotary Club of Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia

Life for a Child Support

Commenced 2004

In 1998, the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka established an Insulin Bank. The Insulin Bank provides support for children with diabetes in poor families. Financial and social constraints had previously prevented ideal care for most of these children, as the free health system in the country was unable to supply the best quality insulin and the support needed for monitoring, control, and regular assessment of complications.
Funds from the Bank provide the best quality insulin, regular complications assessments, and medical, nutritional and psychological support free of charge to any child with diabetes in the country. The Bank has been very successful; however it is not able to cater for all needy children. We therefore commenced assisting the Bank in 2004, and we now support 60 children.