LFAC joins forces with Marjorie’s Fund to support children with diabetes

The collaboration between independent organisations within the international diabetes community is growing to be a major component of success in the global fight against diabetes. Collective work across a range of sectors, contributes to tremendous action being done locally by passionate health professionals, diabetes advocates, and governments.

The IDF Life for a Child Programme (LFAC) is delighted to be working with Marjorie's Fund, a global initiative that shares LFAC’s drive to support and improve diabetes care, education and research in developing countries. Founder and Director, Dr Jason C. Baker, established Marjorie’s Fund in 2012 in response to the growing number of adolescents and adults living with type 1 diabetes in resource poor settings who have limited access to diabetes education and treatment supplies.

The mission of Marjorie’s Fund’s Type 1 Diabetes Global Initiative is to empower adolescents and adults living with type 1 diabetes in resource poor settings to effectively control their diabetes and to thrive into adulthood. The Fund fulfills this mission through education of patients and healthcare providers on prevention of diabetes complications, improving sustainable access to diabetes treatment and testing resources, support of research of understudied populations aimed at improving the epidemiology of type 1 diabetes, and toward the prevention, treatment and cure of type 1 diabetes.

Marjorie’s Fund currently has projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, India and New York City.

In May 2013, LFAC and MF began joint work through the Rwanda Diabetes Association (Association Rwandaise des Diabetiques), and in September Dr Baker and Ms Sandy Narayanan conducted a site visit on behalf of LFAC whilst in south-western Uganda. The Programme supports 18 local children and youth with type 1 diabetes at Kagando Hospital, near Kasese, through donated insulin, blood glucose monitoring equipment, and education materials. Thanks to the efforts of local hospital staff, the Programme now has a dedicated room within the hospital for type 1 diabetes. Marjorie’s Fund has begun work in the region, providing funds for educational initiatives, and for 2 hospital refrigerators and surge protectors to protect electrical equipment during power outages.

“The amazing success of programs such as Life for a Child have increased the number of adolescents and adults surviving with type 1 diabetes in resource poor settings, many of whom need help from groups like Marjorie’s Fund. There is therefore a natural synergy between Marjorie’s Fund and Life for a Child, whose combined efforts will result in a greater and more sustainable impact on improving type 1 diabetes care”, said Dr. Baker. “The missions of Life for a Child and Marjorie’s Fund complement and enhance each other: Indeed, no child should die from diabetes, and all people living with diabetes independent of age, geography and wealth deserve the chance to grow up and thrive as adults. We are excited to forge ahead in these missions alongside Life for a Child!”.

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