Life for a Child to launch 1,000 Young Lives donor campaign

For over 70,000 young people with diabetes in developing countries, living with diabetes is constantly life threatening. Access to insulin, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes education and specialised diabetes care are often out of reach, increasing the likelihood of complications and, all too frequently, death. The International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child Programme, proudly partnered by Australian Diabetes Council in Sydney, Australia, exists so that no child dies of diabetes.

Life for a Child currently supports over 12,000 children and young adults in 45 developing countries, but there are still thousands more that need help. To help expand care to more children in 2014, the Programme is launching the 1,000 Young Lives Campaign in April to acquire 1,000 new Australian donors. One dollar a day guarantees essential medical care and supplies, as well as training and clinical resources for local health professionals - that's less than a cup of coffee!

Dr Graham Ogle, the Programme's General Manager, has been with Life for a Child since it began 14 years ago: "As an experienced paediatric endocrinologist, I've seen firsthand the devastation and distress diabetes can cause if not properly diagnosed and treated. When this experience is visited upon a child, the conclusion become more tragic as young lives are cut short or ravaged by preventable complications. Particularly in developing countries, whole families suffer as they struggle to afford specialised care and medical supplies to keep their child alive. Life for a Child believes this simply does not have to happen, and we're asking the people of Australia to join us in preventing diabetes from stealing young lives."

Australian donors will be able to sign up online via Everyday Hero and can contact Christine Williamson, LFAC Donor Liaison and Administration Assistant, by phone - +61 2 9552 9933 - or email - [email protected] - with any questions.