LFAC announces formation of Medical & Scientific Advisory Group

The International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Programme is pleased to formally announce the formation of the Life for a Child Medical & Scientific Advisory Group. Composed of International and Country Advisors, the Group’s primary function will be to support the Programme in achieving its vision that “No child should die of diabetes”. Over a two year term (2012-14), advisors will:

  • Advise on new initiatives that are being planned - e.g. reduction of misdiagnosis, management of microalbuminuria
  • Assist with site visits/assessments, and establishment of twinning/mentoring relationships
  • Assist with the development of educational resources in different languages
  • Identify special needs/new directions for the Programme
  • Advise on the development of training programmes

The 26 International Advisors bring a wealth of knowledge that covers not only medical specialities but also science, law, social media, human rights, sport, management and supply chain expertise, leadership of international diabetes associations, and advocacy.

The 52 Country Advisors are the ‘local champions’ of Life for a Child, and work tirelessly in their country to support children and youth with diabetes and families in need. Without their work on the ground, the Programme would be unable to continue.

Much of success of Life for a Child to date is built on strengthening the global diabetes network so that an effective, collaborative effort to tackle diabetes can be made. The establishment of the Medical & Scientific Advisory Group extends this approach and affords Life for a Child the opportunity to formally recognise a select group of dedicated individuals who make such an important contribution to the Programme’s success.

“This group represents the fact that quality diabetes care and good clinical and psychological outcomes are not just achieved by the efforts of families, doctors, and nurses but involve the whole "village"," said Dr Graham Ogle, General Manager of Life for a Child.

View the members of the LFAC Medical and Scientific Advisory Group 2012-2014.