Qatari school organises diabetes week and raises funds for Life for a Child

In Doha, Qatar, the Medical Science Club of Park House English School organised a diabetes awareness week from 10 to 14 November to mark World Diabetes Day and raise funds for the IDF Life for a Child Programme. Assemblies on diabetes education and prevention were held for students from Year 7 to 13, highlighting the high incidence of people with diabetes in the country and the importance of awareness. The entire school was also encouraged to wear blue on 14 November and donate to Life for a Child. A total of more than 2500 students and teachers participated in the activities and also joined together to form a human blue circle on the school grounds.

Close to QAR 6000 (€1200) was raised for Life for a Child. The Programme wishes to thank all the students and staff who played their part in making the event a success.