Online Valentine's Day campaign brings valuable support to Life for a Child

In 2012, an estimated USD1.8 billion was spent on flowers by Valentine's Day celebrators (source: National Retail Federation). In February of this year, six members of the US diabetes online community created “Spare a Rose, Save a Child”, an independent online initiative encouraging people to buy one less rose on Valentine’s Day and share the value of that flower with a child with diabetes in the developing world by making a donation to the IDF Life for a Child Programme. 

This inspirational campaign was dreamed up when Kerri Morrone Sparling (Six Until Me), Kelly Close and Adam Brown (Close Concerns/diaTribe), Manny Hernandez (Diabetes Hands Foundation/Tu Diabetes), Bennet Dunlap (Your Diabetes May Vary), and Jeff Hitchcock (Children with Diabetes) got together, with support from Johnson & Johnson, to discuss ways in which social media could be used to better serve the diabetes community. Everyone in the group either has type 1 diabetes themselves or has a loved one with type 1, and all are passionate advocates for people with diabetes. As stated in the campaign: “We, as a community, have a chance to show our love for people around the globe with diabetes."

The campaign was a big success with a marked increase in online donations for the Programme in the period around 14 February. Approximately €2,400 ($3,200) was donated through the IDF website. This amount will effectively help eight children and youth with diabetes with insulin, blood glucose monitoring equipment, and locally-provided quality clinical care. Such care is essential for a child with diabetes to survive and thrive.

Life for a Child gratefully acknowledges all who participated in the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign.