Member Associations Staff Exchange Programme

IDF Europe has a Member Staff Exchange Programme which allows those working in Member Associations to come work with the IDF Europe team in Brussels for three to six months. They will have the chance to: 

  • Contribute to on-going advocacy, membership activities and projects managed by IDF Europe
  • Help foster improved relations with European Members
  • Represent IDF Europe at events and conferences
  • Help in the organisation of meetings and congresses and preparing material for those events

For IDF Europe, the programme is also an opportunity to gain very valuable insight into the work and projects carried out by our Members, and to look at ways to strengthen the collaboration with our membership.

For more information on the programme and on how to apply, click here.

  Read what previous exchange staff have to say about their experience!

  2016: Luca Cappellini, from Italy and Leda Barkai, from Hungary

  " I'really glad of the chance I have had here: my three-month staff-exchange has been a great experience. I had the opportunity to improve my English as well as started speaking French but, most importantly, I worked in an international environment and could put what I ‘ve studied into practice. It has been an important step for my career, especially to understand what I would like to do after my Master’s degree in International Sciences. I strongly recommend this programme to other people if they want to work, have a lot of fun and understand more about the state of Diabetes in Europe.  As for me I would really like to continue collaborating with IDF Europe and I think they know they can ask for help whenever they need it."


"My experience at IDF Europe was incredible. From the very first day I have been involved in various and interesting projects concerning, for instance, the Driving License Workshop held in September or social media for IDF Europe youth initiatives. My research on medical devices or driving license issues was particularly interesting and instructive from a legal point of view and I am very grateful for the chance to utilize my studies at an international level. People at IDF Europe are hard-working, appreciate warmly all new challenges, helpful and open-minded: they indeed create a team. I truly believe that this team forms the heart of the Federation by means of advocating for the rights of people with diabetes and representing the interests of all Member Associations towards the European Union. Living in one of the most multicultural city in Europe was astonishing. It is impossible to get bored of Brussels since it offers several occasions such as music and cultural events, global cuisine food festivals. And of course, who could resist Belgian chocolate or traditional craft beers?"


2015: Cajsa Lindberg, from Sweden and Davide Pilleri, from Italy

“Working at IDF Europe for the Staff Exchange Programme was fantastic! I developed a good understanding of what it’s like to work in a multicultural organisation where volunteers play a very important role. Every day was different and the work was diverse and exciting, and I was always very involved in all the activities and discussions, so I really felt like a part of the IDF Europe family. I was especially happy to be working with the Members and membership activities because they are really the heart of the Federation, and strong ties between IDF Europe and its Members are crucial. Getting to advocate for the rights of people with diabetes, especially in relation to the World Diabetes Day event in the European Parliament, was amazing. It felt very meaningful and really taught me a lot about both strategic communication and advocacy and the workings of the EU Institutions”

“Working with IDF Europe as an exchange staff was a great experience! It gave me the opportunity to contribute to activities and projects that may help improve diabetes prevention, education and care. I really enjoyed working in such a dynamic and international environment, and the job has been valuable in teaching me the importance of teamwork. I felt part of the group and working together we developed a sense of unity, of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities. I got to help with many different things, but I feel like I played a particularly important role during the World Diabetes Day event in Strasbourg, preparing materials for the exhibition, engaging people and answering any questions they had about what diabetes and World Diabetes Day is. It really made feel I was doing something useful!”

2014: Tijana Milanovic, from Serbia

"Working as a staff exchange for IDF Europe gave me the opportunity to experience a different working environment, a new country and many different cultures. Those five months were for me a life-changing experience, especially because before joining IDF Europe, I had no idea which direction I wanted to take professionally. Now that has changed, thanks to the great variety of tasks and projects I worked on at IDF Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it: from working with member associations across Europe to being part of the organisation of one the most important days of the year for people with diabetes in the European Parliament – World Diabetes Day. But most importantly, I felt part of a family – small yet with a big heart, and that’s IDF Europe. A small team of people who were always ready to support, help and guide me in my work. I strongly recommend this programme to any young diabetes advocate who wants to make a greater contribution for the diabetes community.”

2013: Alexandra Costa, from Portugal

“Working at IDF Europe was one of the best experiences of my life. I felt part of the wonderful IDF Europe  team, I was really satisfied with being involved in so many different projects. It was a great pleasure for me. I improved my language and professional skills; I did a lot of research concerning the project Access to Quality Medicines and Medical Devices for Diabetes Care in Europe. Working on this ground-breaking project gave me the opportunity of having my name in a European research publication for the first time. Living in Brussels was also amazing and it was a great opportunity to experience life in a multicultural environment. I returned to Portugal feeling motivated and wanting to implement all the things I've learned in my own country.”

2012: Nenad Šimunko, from Croatia

"Working with the IDF Europe team was a life-changing experience. The projects I worked on really broadened my horizons and I gained so much from all the people I met and new friends I made while in Brussels. Working with IDF Europe also allowed me to build self-confidence, improve my language skills but most of all I learned what real team work is all about.
I would definitely regret it if I hadn’t applied for this programme!"


2011: Irene Salgado, from Spain

"It has been a great pleasure working for IDF Europe; the wonderful team and the international atmosphere you breathe here, have brought me new energy. Is an experience that broadens your mind and gives you a better understanding of diabetes world, it has given me a new perspective of the world. Now I will implement the new things I’ve learned in Spain!!"