How to become a member

A national or international association that is addressing issues relating to diabetes and associated conditions may apply for membership of IDF.

All applicants must fulfill certain criteria. These criteria are divided into Primary criteria (minimum requirements for membership – if not met, the application will not succeed) and Secondary criteria (desirable criteria which applicants would ideally meet).

Primary Membership Criteria

Organisations applying for membership must meet the following criteria:

  • Be actively involved in diabetes care and prevention;
  • Be a not-for-profit orfanisation 
  • Be legally registered within a jurisdiction:
    • Organisations must have been legally registered for a minimum period of operation of 5 years (produce a valid Registration Certificate);
    • Organisations must have Articles of Association (or equivalent);
    • Organisations must have a physical address;
  • Have a Board/Governing body;
  • Provide an annual report;
  • Prove financial capacity (solvent and capable of paying applicable membership fee);
  • Have a minimum of 60 individual members;
  • Have a funding base that is ethically appropriate and aligned with IDF's business and industry guidelines

Secondary Membership Criteria

Ideally organisations applying for IDF membership would meet the following desirable criteria in addition to the Primary Membership Criteria above:

  • Have a gender balanced Board/Governing body;
  • Be a non-discriminatory entity;
  • Be nominated by an IDF Full Member from the same Region;
  • Have a balanced membership (medical/allied healthcare professionals/non healthcare persons);
  • Have a work focus that:
    • enhances/complements that of any existing IDF Member in the same country;
    • benefits members and people with/at risk of diabetes;
  • Have an elected governing body, that meets regularly.


To apply for Membership, please write to [email protected] or complete the online form below in order to receive the application form and all necessary information to submit your application.

Complete applications must be submitted to the relevant Regional Office, with copy to the Executive Office between 1 January and 15th May inclusive in any year.

The Regional Council will provide its recommendation to the Executive Office by 15th August. The Board of Directors will consider the applications in all Regions at its September/October meeting, in any given year.