Diabetes Foundation of Sint Maarten


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Diabetes Foundation of Sint Maarten

PO Box 9
Tel +1-721-542 3452
Website: http://sxmdiabetesawareness.org/

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Founded in 1998

20 Members in 2016


employes and volunteers

Member of IDF since 2006




The Diabetes foundation of St. Maarten is a  non-profit organization established with the aims of creating awareness to diabetes among the general population.


Every Saturday the DFS can be found at a location on the island offering free glucose and blood pressure testing to the public. On occasions cholesterol check-up is offered as well for a small fee.
In offering free testing to the public the foundation hopes to find people with pre-diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, or uncontrolled diabetes so that these persons can be referred to their general practitioner for further testing, therapy and guidance.
The DFS has two big events annually; the Diabetes Fair in the month of June and the walk-a-thon in the month of November. The 14th of November has been marked to celebrate worldwide as the World Diabetes Day.

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