Diabetes Vereniging Suriname


Organizational Information

van Brussellaan 19
Tel +597-497918
Website: www.surdiabet.nl

Membership Information

Founded in 2004

160 Members in 2016


1 employee and 11 volunteers

Member of IDF since 



DVS was created on October 29, 2004 by Mr. H. Pollack chairman until August 19th 2010. He was followed by Mr. N.J. Veira since August 2010. 
DVS was founded in order to promote a lifestyle focused on prevention of diabetes, raise awareness of the importance of early detection, represent the interests of people with diabetes in all aspects, including: medical, social, societal and socio-economically as well as stimulate  contact  between people with diabetes.

Main Focus

  • To help promoting diabetes care and prevention to the community by addressing diabetes complications and information about nutrition,  exercise as well for a healthy lifestyle
  • To improve the conditions of people with diabetes (screenings)
  • To assist the community country wide 


Learn more about activities organised by the Association for World Diabetes Day:

  • Information  days in the far district with the posters and banner
  • Discussion evenings 
  • The blue circle with candles and people around 
  • Special afternoon walk  in blue shirts with their “Tackle Diabetes now” sign



Publications & Newsletters

Their latest annual report


Message from the President

Mr N.J. Veira "We are a member of the IDF because we are the Diabetes Association for and by people with Diabetes Mellitus. The IDF is the umbrella Organization.  

As a third world country we benefit from their activities and guidelines."


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