IDF joins global effort to reduce risk for people with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

28 April 2020

Together with the world’s leading diabetes organizations, the International Diabetes Federation is sharing guidance on high-impact COVID-19 prevention recommendations for people with diabetes.

The recommendations aim to keep the most vulnerable to complications from COVID-19 safe until the pandemic has been contained. The recommendations were created by the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance and are also endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, Harvard Medical School and The International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD). They can be found at

People with diabetes are among the most vulnerable to serious complications and death caused by coronavirus. While not everyone with diabetes has the same level of risk, the recommendations target broad changes in behavior from everyone in the diabetes community to protect those members of the community who are the most at risk.

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IDF estimates that there are 463 million adults worldwide are living with diabetes. To reach this vast network, a global digital campaign has been launched with the help of partner organizations around the world. The website and campaign materials are available in English and Spanish, with a goal of translation into as many languages as possible.

Along with the list of recommendations, the website includes a variety of other articles, downloadable graphics, videos and links to additional resources provided by JDRF, Beyond Type 1, and other partners. Organizations and companies looking to help in the effort can reach out to

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