Rakiya Garba Kilgori

15 May 2020

The International Diabetes Federation is deeply saddened at the passing of Ms Rakiya Garba Kilgori – a member of the IDF Blue Circle Voices (BCV) from Nigeria.

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2004, Rakiya became a very active diabetes advocate soon after and was among the first people to join the BCV network in 2016. In her professional role as an education inspector for the Nigerian government, she frequently visited vulnerable communities, taking advantage of every opportunity to tackle myths and misconceptions about diabetes and strengthen awareness. Despite her health issues, she never abandoned her diabetes advocacy work and continued to help improve the lives of people living with the condition until the very end.  

Rakiya was a role model and a source of inspiration for her local community and fellow BCV members. She touched the lives of many people in her country and beyond, and will never be forgotten.

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