One Year On - Leadership

Governments have finally taken ownership of the diabetes problem:

Major National NCD Plans which will improve diabetes prevention, treatment and care have been launched, including:

  • China: 15 government ministries drafted and adopted the 2012-2015 multisectoral NCD Working Plan. The Plan aims to improve early detection + treatment for diabetes, and sets a target to ensure 80% of township hospitals provide blood glucose monitoring.
  • India: launched a 5 year national plan to reduce NCDs, which aims to screen the entire population for diabetes risk.

Whole-of-government mechanisms to coordinate intersectoral action on diabetes and NCDs have been established in countries as diverse as Jordan, Malaysia, Norway, Suriname and Uganda.

But Civil Society is still growing in influence + leadership: 

  • IDF and the NCD Alliance continue to lead and mobilise a global civil society movement for NCDs, focused on the follow up to the UN Summit
  • After years of campaigning, the Ethiopian Diabetes Association + NCD Consortium secured a major victory post-Summit; the NCD Strategic Framework is now included in the 2011-2015 national Health + Development Plans
  • Major health NGOs, such as Management Sciences for Health and PATH, are moving into NCDs.